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Mercato owners to open French cafe, expand business

An empty space opens at 110 North Aurora St. in Ithaca, N.Y. Currently, it is nothing more than an unoccupied commercial location taking up space downtown. But that is scheduled to change in a few months as the spot will be home to Café Cent-Dix, the newest French restaurant to hit Ithaca. Eric Trichon, co-owner […]

Transparency is the new objectivity response

Here is the link to the article I’m talking about. I definitely agree that objectivity is something a journalist strives for – although you may never actually achieve it. I believe transparency should be one of the pinnacle values in the journalism field, so everyone knows through which lens to view a story or point […]

Glenn Greenwald’s last post on The Guardian response

Here is the link to the article I’m talking about. As you may have heard, Greenwald, a key contributer to The Guardian is leaving his post to partner with tycoon Pierre Omidyar as they lauch their own media organization. The site will have more than just political news that Greenwald’s audience is used to. It […]

YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money Blog Response

YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money – I am a huge youtube watcher, so much so that I watch it like I would cable television. As I do not have cable television, I watch youtube videos instead. I don’t watch cat videos or funny pranks – but Call of Duty related videos. Call of […]

Flash Elmo – Drill

Reaction to “Bloggers might be excluded from Oregon’s executive sessions”

Here is the link to the article. This article has me conflicted. On one hand I think that bloggers contribute great content as far as reporting, but on the other I think that letting them enter an executive meeting session would not be a good idea. Bloggers aren’t classically trained in standard journalistic practices […]

Reaction to Senator’s attempt to define “Real Journalism”

Here is the link to the article. This article upsets me because it shows that lawmakers are still ignorant of the changing world around them and how that has changed reporting. Citizen journalism is at an all-time high and they contribute stories without pay. CNN’s has an entire section of their site dedicated to citizen […]