Glenn Greenwald’s last post on The Guardian response

Here is the link to the article I’m talking about.

As you may have heard, Greenwald, a key contributer to The Guardian is leaving his post to partner with tycoon Pierre Omidyar as they lauch their own media organization. The site will have more than just political news that Greenwald’s audience is used to. It will also have sports, entertainment and other news. Greenwald rose to blogger stardom after his adept coverage of the NSA scandal. Now, Greenwald has a large and loyal fanbase that should ease the transition from a cushy job at the Guardian to an unknown venture. I am eager to see where the organization goes and I hope it has tremendous success. Greenwald posted his last content on the Guardian, promising to keep his moral values on subjects such as freedom of the press and protection for whistleblowers. I respect Greenwald greatly and the world would be a much better place if more journalists had his integrity and courage in the field.


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