YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money Blog Response

YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money –

I am a huge youtube watcher, so much so that I watch it like I would cable television. As I do not have cable television, I watch youtube videos instead. I don’t watch cat videos or funny pranks – but Call of Duty related videos. Call of Duty is a military shooting game that has an enormous and active Youtube community. Almost every user I watch is partnered with Machinima or similar organizations that play video games and post videos. The users make money off of ads and they have a contract with their network that discusses all of the details of the business relationship. I have uploaded video game videos on my personal youtube channel myself. All you need to get started is a gaming console, a game, an HD TV and an HD recording device. The trick is to make yourself distinct and you have to be active within the community while also providing good content. I uploaded videos for over a year but I never was partnered, or had enough views to make more than peanuts of of ads. Larger channels on the other hand get hundreds of thousands of views per video, so they can make a considerable income off of that. Several gamers I watch have full time jobs as gamers and Youtubers – including a 30 something year old man with a wife and two kids who left his job as a Cisco software architect to play games for a living – while providing more than enough for his family. 


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