Reaction to “Bloggers might be excluded from Oregon’s executive sessions”

Here is the link to the article.

This article has me conflicted. On one hand I think that bloggers contribute great content as far as reporting, but on the other I think that letting them enter an executive meeting session would not be a good idea. Bloggers aren’t classically trained in standard journalistic practices and letting any Joe into meetings would be a bad idea I think. Leave that territory to trained reporters and let the bloggers blog on what is reported. Who knows what biases bloggers would bring with them as they entered the meeting room. If anyone with a blog could sit in on city meetings I think it would make a mockery of the meeting – which is serious business. I agree that bloggers are indeed members of the media but paid journalists deserve to have SOME exclusive rights, otherwise, why even get a degree or go to school to learn something that anyone can do with a blog on the internet?


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