Late Night Wiffleball League’s Participation Grows

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Late Night Wiffleball League’s Participation Grows



Midnight League is a non-school affiliated wiffle ball event that has seen steady growth because of the social atmosphere that allows members to meet people and have fun outside of the traditional on-campus party scene.


Three members of the Ithaca College Protestant Community run the league and they announce the event during their Wednesday night worship Service called Evensong. The Midnight League meets every Friday night at 10:45 pm at the Hilliard Hall parking lot to offer rides for anyone who is unable to make it to the parking lot of Bed, Bath and Beyond where the game takes place. Students from Cornell University, SUNY Cortland and Tompkins County Community College are regularly seen at the events.


Zach Ugol is one of the students who run Midnight League and he has been involved since the first week of his freshman year. He said he has watched the league grow tremendously.


“The numbers have increased dramatically,” he said. “In the past two and a half years they went from getting maybe 30 people on a good week to 60 on a good week, so they’ve almost doubled. The most we’ve ever had is around 90.”


Jackson May, Freshman Protestant Community member and Midnight League participant, says he was drawn to the league because it is something fun and social for students who wish to distance themselves from the traditional college party atmosphere.


“As a college student, on the weekends, there are basically only two things to do: either hang out in your room or go drinking and partying,” he said. “As a Christian, as someone who really doesn’t fall into that, the Midnight League has really been something where I can hang out with people and not be pressured to do stuff like that.”


The league grows only by word of mouth between members of the Protestant Community who hear the announcements at meetings and their friends. Matt Nedimyer, another of the league’s organizers, says the league is more about having fun in a safe way and than about playing wiffle ball.


“The whole thing is really informal and casual. It’s called Midnight League but the purpose of it is not to come and play wiffle ball just for the heck of it and be really intense. Everybody will participate but a lot of times people just stand around and talk, which is really cool because it’s a great opportunity for people to just hang out and build relationships with one another on a different level outside of class and outside of the regular Friday night lights that happens on campus.”


Jarvis Lu, an Ithaca College junior, says the growth of the league can be attributed to its open approach and relaxed environment.


“[I see] a lot more people this year,” he said. “There’s strong word of mouth and people always bring their friends. I think part of the reason why people are so attracted to it is because it’s an alternative way to spend a Friday night instead of partying, drinking and getting crap-faced.”


Midnight League is not an official club and it is not affiliated with Ithaca College or Cornell University in any way. According to Nedimyer the league originated eight years ago at Cornell and over time students from Ithaca College were invited and started their own league. The Cornell league has since been discontinued. Members meet every Friday until Thanksgiving break due to dropping temperatures.






Zach Ugol

IC junior, Midnight League organizer


Matt Nedimyer

IC junior, Midnight League organizer



Jarvis Lu

IC junior, Protestant Community member and ML participant



Jackson May

IC freshman, Protestant Community member and ML participant



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