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Flash Elmo – Drill


Reaction to “Bloggers might be excluded from Oregon’s executive sessions”

Here is the link to the article. This article has me conflicted. On one hand I think that bloggers contribute great content as far as reporting, but on the other I think that letting them enter an executive meeting session would not be a good idea. Bloggers aren’t classically trained in standard journalistic practices […]

Reaction to Senator’s attempt to define “Real Journalism”

Here is the link to the article. This article upsets me because it shows that lawmakers are still ignorant of the changing world around them and how that has changed reporting. Citizen journalism is at an all-time high and they contribute stories without pay. CNN’s has an entire section of their site dedicated to citizen […]

Improvised music finds a home in Ithaca

The rhythmic plucks of strings echo throughout the Barnes Hall auditorium at Cornell University as they bounce off of its high wooden ceilings. Just as the audience is drawn in to the sound, the music suddenly takes an unexpected turn as the strings are then played with drum-sticks followed by a violin bow and then […]

Improvised music finds a home in Ithaca

Growth of Talking Points Memo blog response

Jeff Cohen: Josh Marshall on the Growth of Talking Points Memo and Independent Media. I enjoyed this article because Marshall breaks down how his site TPM became such a success by using his readers to help him and his staff report. When asked what type of journalism his site does, he described it as “a […]

Response to I Can Haz Cheezburger

Response to I Can Haz Cheezburger This article was interesting to me because it showed how a regular joe such as Eric Nakagawa can create a profitable business with simple creativity and originality. The article calls him an ‘accidental entrepreneur’ because his site exploded after one little photo that was an inside joke. Nakagawa said […]