WikiLeaks and Free Speech…Reaction

If you want to know what article I’m talking about here is a link.

This article was penned by Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, two men who make a living on divulging truths that the public ought to be aware of. In this article published in the New York Times, they applaud the creation of the WikiLeaks site , citing a similar goal: keeping America informed. 

They discuss the various shocking posts on the site including the Apache helicopter attack on unarmed civilians in Baghdad.

They then discuss WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange and his latest predicament. They warn against his extradition by the US, when he never was an American citizen nor did he ever commit a crime on her soil. Oliver and Moore go on to say, “If the United States can prosecute a journalist in these circumstances, the governments of Russia or China could, by the same logic, demand that foreign reporters anywhere on earth be extradited for violating their laws. The setting of such a precedent should deeply concern everyone, admirers of WikiLeaks or not.”



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