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Bed, Bath and Wiffleball

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Sanchirico Hired as IPEI Executive Director Amid Organizational Changes

By: Erica Palumbo and Mark Warren Word Count: 862   Sanchirico Hired as IPEI Executive Director Amid Organizational Changes On the heels of an infrastructure overhaul, the Ithaca Public Education Initiative’s board of directors appointed their first executive director, Christine Sanchirico, last month to advance its vision for providing aid to Ithaca City School District […]

Aaron Swartz’s Last Gift…Reaction

Here is the link. Just a month before his suicide, computer programmer Aaron Swartz finished a project known as Deaddrop. Kevin Poulsen, a Wired editor came to Swartz with the idea. His goal was to create a safe place online for leaked articles and other sensitive material to be submitted and protected. The New Yorker uses […]

WikiLeaks and Free Speech…Reaction

If you want to know what article I’m talking about here is a link. This article was penned by Oliver Stone and Michael Moore, two men who make a living on divulging truths that the public ought to be aware of. In this article published in the New York Times, they applaud the creation of […]

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NFL Week 1 reactions

Wow, what a crazy week. Was it as great as you hoped the opening week to the NFL season would be? Yep, it was. Peyton Manning kicks it off by throwing seven TD’s against the not so scary defending champs. That was only the 6th time someone has tossed seven in a game in the […]